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Human Flesh Recipes (digipack)


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H.EXE -"Human Flesh Recipes" limited digipack
Halotan Records 2014

1. Time of Contempt
2. Blood Drain
3. 300
4. Hear Me As I Call
5. Seven Lovely Sins
6. Independent Mind
7. Two Black Cats
8. Miles Away
9. A Friend Worse Than An Enemy
10. Underground
11. The Music of Erich Zann


H.Exe's latest album is a must-have item on the playlist of every serious follower of dark electro scene. Immaculate production and insane levels of aggression are just the beginnig, so listen at your own risk.

Human Flesh Recipes is second full-lenght release of the band. There is no searching or copying somebody else's style, they know exactly how they want to sound and what results they want to achieve.