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Killing Monsters (strictly limited digipack)


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H.EXE -"Killing Monsters" limited digipack re-edition
Halotan Records 2013

1. Introduction
2. Dreadful Visions
3. Hollow
4. Never Enough
5. Crown thy Oppressor
6. Killing Monsters
7. Infinity
8. Venom
9. Mask of the Slave
10. Replica
11. Witchcraft1
12. We Invented Farsh Electro
13. Breath of the Dying (Outro)


"Killing Monsters" is the first full-length release. The band's recipe for dark dancefloor music is simple: crushing beat, catchy melodies and vocals spanning across all stages of madness.

The tempo of the songs is varied, however you are not going to find one that would let you catch the breath on the dancefloor.